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The must-have in marketing: automation

W4 | W4 / September 12, 2018

Are you spending a lot of time pondering your marketing strategy meanwhile publishing on many channels with a wide range of topics without ever reaching your goals regarding reach, opening rates and traffic? Do you want to adjust your marketing strategies and save resources while seeing which topics really hit home with your potential customers? It is clearly time for a marketing automation tool like HubSpot. W4 is an experienced expert in the field of digital marketing and official HubSpot partner, which makes us just the right contact, if you consider automatising your marketing efforts in order to make them more effective.

Your possibilities with the marketing automation software HubSpot:

Setup of a Marketing Strategy

No matter whether you want to expand and optimise your marketing strategy or decide for a completely new setup: HubSpot provides you with a variety of innovative tools, which allow you to minutely analyse all aspects of your marketing activities. With the HubSpot campaigns tool, you see all that you have achieved with your content in one spot: all customer emails, newsletter, blog posts, landing pages, websites, assets and social media posts that belong to the same campaign are assessed in great detail.

You can even create your whole website with HubSpot and access all relevant data via the analytics tool. That way, you soon realise which pages make up your drawing card and which content comes across best with your potential customers. With the help of the content strategy tool, you are able to organise your content in content clusters, which will help you boost your SEO visibility in all common search engines.

HubSpot also offers a clever way of optimising your approach to customers: a personalised salutation that is based on previously developed personas. This allows you to effectively reach different target groups and customer types with selected and customised content.

Marketing campaigns

All channels of modern marketing like email, social media platforms or websites can be built with or linked to and subsequently maintained via HubSpot – one login is enough. Moreover, you have an array of overarching campaign possibilities to choose from. How about a nice newsletter with a corresponding blog post, which links to your products on the website? The attractive post on all your social media platforms should be included as well. This is how your content really delivers!

If you additionally include valuable downloadable content, which can be accessed via an attractive call-to-action button and then link this download to a contact form, you are able to generate leads and gather relevant information about your potential customers – a win-win situation!

As official HubSpot partner, we have the know-how to implement and grow your marketing via HubSpot – professionally, effectively and with an appealing design.

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