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This Is What the Sales Funnel Means to Your Content Strategy

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018

Every client goes through various stages of interaction during the customer journey (lifecycle stages). They goes through the individual steps of the sales funnel, which they complete once they buy a product or service. This significantly influences the content strategy. Marketers should create content that matches the clients interest at every step of the process. This content in turn will guide clients through the sales funnel.

At an early stage of the process, content should appeal to a large audience, which is then filtered more and more. This process can be visualized with a funnel (hence the name).

In the beginning, the process is all about raising potential clients' awareness. The main goal is not sales, but traffic at this point. Users visit a microsite or a blog in great numbers in order to be introduced to a product or service. In order to achieve this, the site should be of high value, not only in terms of design but also with regard to search engine optimization.

Once they have become interested, your content should guide them towards a purchasing decision. They should receive specific information, references and individual recommendations to foster their determination to make a purchase. At this stage of the process, the content should convince individual users that your solution is the best on the market. Qualify your lead.

In order to close a deal, optimized, individual support might be necessary. Positive feedback such as reviews and awards as well as special offers are also decision factors.

Optimized customer services and matching content are necessary at all stages of the sales funnel process. This is an almost impossible task manually. This is why we recommend marketing software to support you in monitoring the sales funnel and optimizing workflows.

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