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Agile Marketing – Flexible, Authentic, Productive

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

The days of stiff, inflexible marketing campaigns are gone. Personalized marketing, lead management and marketing automation enable marketers to communicate at the right time to the right people. “Agile marketing” is a term that is commonly used in this context. What does it mean? 

Agile marketing is characterized by successive marketing activities that are continuously optimized. Your marketing remains “agile”, reacting and adapting to new developments in little time – the basis of an optimized communication.

Agile marketing is made up of small project teams, that do not act within lengthy processes anymore, but can work on solutions effectively thanks to simplified workflows. All team members are networked and profit from uncomplicated communications.

A group of marketers has written the Agile Marketing Manifesto already in San Francisco in 2012. Three years later, no marketing strategy can do without it anymore.

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