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Realtime Marketing Automation

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Customers have growing demands. It is the era of digital dialogue marketing. People expect to have access to the right content at the right time. Businesses have to take this seriously. And the best way to do this is real-time marketing automation.

Real-time marketing automation enables you to react to customers' interactions in real-time. The various communication activities are displayed dynamically at the individual touch points (newsletter, app, social network) and match customers' interests.
Real-time marketing automation includes the following four core elements:

1. Content has to match individual users' interests and be delivered to them automatically. Users' past interactions and current reactions are the basis for the content displayed to them.
2. Content has to adapt to both context and time dynamically. This means that factors like location, customer life cycle stage as well as device have to be considered.
3. All relevant channels have to be integrated into the life cycle.
4. Recording, processing and storing of real-time reaction data has to be in accordance with privacy regulations.

The effort will pay off. Experience has shown that companies that have invested in real-time marketing automation are ahead of their competition because they boast higher conversion rates and generate more leads.

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