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WeChat - HubSpot Connector: one plus one is greater than two

HubSpot, an advanced marketing automation platform, is widely used by companies across many sectors. This centralized platform allows all marketing channels including website, blog, email, and, of course, social media to be managed with one tool. That means you can easily integrate social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn into HubSpot. But what if you want to integrate the most used social platform in China?

You probably have already heard of or used WeChat, but the importance of WeChat marketing cannot be stressed enough. This essential messenger app has much more to offer, including various marketing features. You may publish content, advertise, or even open an e-commerce name it! In addition, WeChat has an enterprise version, WeCom, an office assistant platform for both internal communication and customer relation enhancement.

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We made it happen

Our experienced developer team has seized the opportunity of bridging the gap between WeChat and HubSpot, to make it as easy as possible for our customers to manage this important platform via HubSpot. It is one of the products of the W4 WeTomation ecosystem, designed specifically for marketing automation in China.

A strong bond for marketing success

Our WeChat Connector enables the implementation of marketing activities of the app centralized from a management system. Thereby, companies can concentrate their sales, marketing, and support efforts in a centralized management system, and each team will have access to relevant data and benefit from them.

CRM automation

WeChat CRM can be connected to the HubSpot CRM and managed in a centralized manner. Existing contacts in the app can be imported and new leads generated automatically enter your HubSpot CRM. For example, when a user visits a HubSpot-made landing page from your WeChat Official Account, the user's WeChat ID and other necessary info will be stored in HubSpot as a contact property.

WeCom CRM sync

Customer information is automatically stored and synchronized in HubSpot as a contact with the customized property. When your sales rep uses a WeCom account to contact a customer, their conversation will be saved in HubSpot. 

Content and notification conversion

WeChat allows you to push content through your Official Account (a combination of blog and newsletter). With the connector, a HubSpot blog can be converted to a WeChat post. You may also convert an email sent from HubSpot as a WeChat template message and send it to followers of your WeChat Official Account.

Data analysis

HubSpot analytic tools will provide you with comprehensive insights into the behavior of WeChat users. This will help you evaluate performances and make improved decisions, including providing users with more targeted content that really interests them.

QR code

When a user visits a HubSpot landing page by scanning a QR code with parameters in your WeChat official account, they get a tag as a property saved in HubSpot.

If you are interested in our WeChat Connector, book a meeting with us to have further information! 

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