WeChat B2B Marketing: the Super App for your business


WeChat B2B Marketing: the Super App for your business

W4 | W4 / April 4, 2022

WeChat is the most important tool for building a digital presence in China, increasing brand awareness, and generating leads. WeChat is an indispensable element in your marketing strategy. Basically, this instant messaging application is one of the most important social platforms for a business.

As the leading social media app, WeChat provides businesses with numerous services, mini-programs, and social media features. It is the "super app" and "the app for everything" that most businesses have been looking for.   

WeChat for your B2B Marketing

The potential of WeChat with its huge ecosystem is absolutely essential if you want to do business in China. If you use WeChat Marketing in the right way, you will have a strong impact on the Chinese market. These are the most important features when you open an WeChat Official Account

  • Possible payments via WeChat Pay and WeChat Wallet
  • Alternative method for email sending/email marketing (newsletter, H5 brochure, etc)
  • WeChat Mini program and online shop
  • WeChat CRM 
  • WeChat advertising (it can be WeChat articles, banner ads or simple call-to-action)
  • Sales Support

Advantages of having a WeChat Official Account

  • Precise targeting of your target groups
  • Generate new leads
  • Share relevant, interesting, attention-grabbing, animated content as well as official documents such as statistics, Excel files, etc.
  • Analyse user behavior and collect feedback 
  • Send group messages to your followers 
  • Update your followers with the latest product information and news about your company
  • Connect with your (potential) customers, share with your audience, etc.

Download our WeChat Official Account Guide if you want to open your own business account


Challenges of WeChat Official Account: tips for new users

Although WeChat has huge potential as a platform and social medium in marketing, B2B businesses are likely to encounter some challenges with their account, especially if they are new to this new world. But do not worry, we have got you covered!

1. Reach and engage target audiences

You'll need to tailor content to the platform and user needs. B2B companies, for example, can use WeChat as an alternative to emailing as mentioned above. In China, email marketing is no longer used as one of the most important tools for campaigns. WeChat has replaced the traditional email system and therefore what used to be done by email can now be done with WeChat. You can organize question-and-answer sessions, and send invitations to special events and newsletters to your contacts. Another point that companies usually overlook is the possibility of using WeChat mini-programs, channels, or group chats to have more scope and interaction with the public.

2. Mobile-friendly content 

When adapting content to the platform and users, you should also consider the mobile-friendly features that WeChat offers. This includes your WeChat account menu, which allows users to contact you and find out about your products and services, just like on your website. Very useful and popular are the H5 brochures that you can use to contact and nurture your potential business partners. In particular, H5 brochures are one of the most important WeChat assets for B2B companies. They are much more engaging, and interactive, with audio, video, and animation than regular PDFs.

3. Manage the content 

One of the main obstacles is the amount of time you need to maintain the account and keep it updated. That's because it's not enough to just open a business account. You need to take care of it on a daily or weekly basis. Potential customers pay attention to whether you are consistent, coherent, and most importantly, active on WeChat. It is the first place they will look for you and read information and news about your business. It is your business card in the Chinese market.

Aside from the time commitment, posting content on WeChat also requires knowledge of the tastes, trends, and habits of potential customers in China. It is a common mistake to focus on a global audience instead of focusing on the Chinese audience. Therefore, it would be ideal to create localized content, photos, videos, design, and offers specifically tailored to its needs.  

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