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Creative Easter Marketing to Generate New Leads

W4 | W4 / February 8, 2023

After Christmas, Easter is the prime season for emotional marketing campaigns. After all, spring fever is a real phenomenon! In fact, the mild weather and extended days boost our happy hormones. So while winter campaigns focus on peace and tranquillity, spring is the right time for cheerful advertising. This has also been observed by the Deutsche Institut für Marketing (German Institute for Marketing). That's why you should get really creative with your Easter campaign. With the W4 Easter game, you and your customers kick off spring on a cheerful note – while collecting new leads along the way.

The Online Easter Game

Colourful eggs, cute bunnies and Easter puns – that's what many company websites and newsletters look like in spring. If you're bored with these conventional methods, your customers surely are too. The W4 Easter Game, on the other hand, offers your target group a pleasant change from the usual. The professionally developed gamification solution invites your users to a challenge and thus increases their interaction with your brand. Gamification, for that matter, describes the integration of playful elements into seemingly 'non-game' contexts. In this way, one-sided information is transformed into a lively exchange between company and customer. This is because the pleasure of the game is transmitted to the advertised products and reinforces the buying decision. That's the theory.

And this is how it works in practice: Behind up to 24 windows, you place attractive content that your customers will click through in search of the Easter bunny. Whether it's discounts or vouchers, links to social media or products that you want to highlight – with every click, the players get to know a new aspect of your company. A counter determines how many clicks are needed to find the Easter bunny. The faster the bunny is found, the higher the chance of winning when submitting the form with the provided contact details. The position of the Easter bunny also changes constantly, so that the players can also go on the search several times. After all, an Easter bunny is not a one-day wonder! And the best thing is: after the competition has ended, you can use the customer data of all participants for future advertising activities.

Wake your target group from hibernation and show your creative side! Our gamification expert Vilay Tleo is looking forward to your enquiry. You want to convince yourself first? Then search for the Easter Bunny in our free demo version.

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