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Unique websites with customised user interface design

W4 | W4 / October 5, 2022

Newsletters, social media and advertisements all link to the company website. For many businesses, this is the centre of their professional online presence. Here, customers search for specific information or are inspired by special offers. The corporate website also gives brands the chance to show their identity and set themselves apart from competitors. User interface design (UI design) plays a major role here. We've gathered everything you need to know about UI design, including the difference between a customised design and standard templates here!

What is user interface design?

In general, user interface design refers to the function and appearance of a digital user interface. This includes apps, websites, but also machine displays. Using the official Apple website as an example, we can see a minimalist UI design. The black and white colour scheme is coherent with Apple's corporate colours and signals rationality, logic and technology. The homepage has a navigation menu where users can choose between different product categories. Just below that is a current reference to a fundraising campaign. Of course, the spotlight is on the new iPhone, which stands out vividly against the black background. After its recent launch, this product naturally generates sales, which is why Apple places it at the top of the homepage.

UI design of Apple WebsiteA screenshot of the official Apple website (15 September 2022).

All these elements are part of UI design, which enables users to interact with the website efficiently. Accordingly, a good UI design is not only about the graphic design, but also about a logical and intuitive structure of the navigation menu, buttons and text elements. The interface should therefore be visually appealing, but also easy to use. A confusing homepage, on the other hand, can be a negative experience for potential customers, as the desired information cannot be found.


UI templates vs. individual UI design: What is right for your company?

Every content management system (CMS) offers different templates. Moreover, there are entire websites that specialise in the creation and distribution of templates. These templates function as design templates that determine the appearance and also the function of your online presence. If you decide on a specific template, you can quickly and easily set the font, colour scheme and logo of your website. This way you can guarantee a consistent appearance across all pages.

UI WordPress templates vs. individual UI designA screenshot of the templates (or themes) that WordPress offers.

Although templates allow you to create a website in no time, there are some limitations. For example, a template cannot be modified after installation because the layout is predefined. Also, the programming code is sometimes not accessible, which makes adjustments to the design impossible. Another point is that the same template is often used by several companies. Even if the colour scheme and logo differ, the user recognises a pattern, which automatically makes the online presence appear less interesting.

With individual UI design, you have creative freedom right from the start. Even specific wishes can be implemented by the development team. In this way, the website can be tailored exactly to the requirements of your company. Another plus point is the free access to programming code. Since headings and keywords can be implemented directly in the code, the website is also optimised for search engines. With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), customers can find your site more easily on Google, Bing & Co.  Search engines are constantly changing. In the worst case, pages with outdated templates are sorted out in search queries if they cannot be read by the algorithm.

Due to the freely accessible code, the online appearance also remains flexible. Many prefabricated templates become outdated over time and no longer meet growing demands in terms of design and function. An individual UI design, on the other hand, can be adapted by developers. Those who want to enhance the unique selling point of their brand also benefit from the increased recognisability of an individually designed website. After all, your own product can be marketed more effectively if there is no danger of confusion with the competition.

User interface design

While you can implement the layout of your website quickly and inexpensively with a template, a custom UI design offers more flexibility and a higher degree of awareness for your brand. Is your website outdated and in need of an update? Why not take advantage of our comprehensive service package for review, takeover and maintenance?

Update your website now!

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