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    How Do I Measure SEO? The Essential KPIs

    If you want your search engine optimization to be successful, you have to continuously measure, analyze and optimize. The key term associated with doing so is 'key performance indicator'. The KPI gives indication of your SEO performance. It encompasses various key figures, from the number of site visits to the Google Page Rank. However, not every KPI is really relevant in the end. Here are the essentials: Google Page Rank

    Besides keywords and links, quality content is what boosts your Page Rank.


    The visitors' background is important when evaluating views. How did visitors find your site? What is their location?

    Conversion Rate

    The conversion rate indicates the sales you made with your website. On average, conversion rates are somewhere between 3 and 5 percent. However, there are huge different among various industries.

    Social Signals

    Are people talking about your website on social networks? Do people like and comment on your posts? Do not underestimate the impact of social media!

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