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    How to Optimize Mobile SEO

    Google registers more search requests on mobile devices than on desktop computers. The search engine has set forth a couple of parameters according to which it delivers results to its mobile users. Businesses trying to boost sales on mobile devices should consider a few things to come out on top.

    Think mobile

    People interact differently with their smart phones than with their desktop computers. Only rarely do people look for in-depth information on their mobile devices. They rather search the nearest restaurant, check news updates, send text messages or watch videos.

    People also increasingly research information using voice commands. Developers should therefore think about ways to optimize sites for search requests with natural, spoken language.

    A study of Google's Search Quality Guidelines is advised.


    When delivering search results to its users, Google tries to cater to their user experience. Users should find the information they look for in as little time as possible. Site speed is accordingly a part of the user experience and has been one of Google's ranking criteria for quite some time on desktop computers. Speed will also increasingly be a factor for mobile search inquiries. Developers should therefore unclutter their mobile sites.

    To ensure speed on mobile sites, Google has recently launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project.


    Even though this should be a given, this list would not be complete if we did not mention responsive design. Your website should look good on all devices, from desktop computer to tablet to smart phone!

    App indexing

    Google is able to index and crawl mobile apps. Many app developers have not yet taken advantage of this opportunity. Google will display an app in its mobile search results when it is optimized accordingly. By clicking on the link, next to which the app icon is displayed, users are taken to the respective app store.

    Deep links are possible as well. If a user has already installed an app that features content related to the search inquiry, users are directly taken to the app when they click on the link displayed in the search results.

    All in all, mobile search engine optimization presents many opportunities to generate more sales on mobile because many companies have not yet optimized their mobile content accordingly (e.g. app indexing). Businesses are advised to act now to gain the competitive edge.

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