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Local SEO – or how to get found locally

W4 | W4 / January 16, 2019

It is still essential to optimize your websites for search engines so that your online presence can be found and as much traffic as possible to your pages can be generated. Many companies overlook the importance of local data for perfect local SEO. Even for companies with no stationary business, good quality of local data pays off.

Why is local information relevant for SEO?

Whenever you make a search query, your IP address or in some cases a GPS signal is being sent to the respective search engine. That way, Google and Co. know where the person who triggered the search query is located. This information is being used for the creation of local search results. Here is an example: if you type in “garage”, the first 5 results that pop up will show car service stations in your local area.

Even companies who do not own a local business and operate an online shop instead may want to check the quality of their local data. Local information of the companies’ headquarters and/ or their branch offices can be used.

How to get to the top of the local search results

According to the latest MOZ report “The State of Local SEO – Industry Report 2019“, the Google My Business (GMB) entry is probably the most decisive factor when it comes to local SEO. It is free of charge and offers an attractive platform on which companies can present themselves. You can upload appealing pictures, include call to action buttons or publish short posts via GMB. These posts are shown for approximately one week on the knowledge panel, so they should be updated regularly. That way, you make sure to present your business in a perfect way.

Other directory entries, for example in Google Maps or, help you to make it to the local pack. It is however essential that all local data is up-to-date and that information is similar on every platform.

Moreover, SEO-audits show that SEO opmitized websites also play an important role in good ranking when it comes to local search results. If these pages feature content with local references, you are sure to receive a place in the local pack. If you have SEA campaigns and want to push your SEO, you shouldn’t miss linking your Google Ads account with GMB. That way, information from GMB can be used for call or location extensions.

Reviews also play an important part in efficient, digital location management. They directly form part of the algorithm. If you pro-actively try to increase the number and topicality of your reviews, you are consequently boosting your local SEO.

Apart from local data, there is a variety of factors which should be paid attention to when it comes to search engine optimization: page speed, SEM, keywords or URLs. In the end, it is about a detailed revision of SEO relevant points, as well as about balancing respective means and tools . 

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