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Eye Candy: The Best Royalty-Free Photo Databases

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Texts and images belong together in storytelling like salt and pepper on the kitchen table: they can be good on their own, but they make an irresistible mix together. Most readers will surely agree. An awesome image, a popping headline and chances are great that the rest of the blog post or story will be given attention as well.

Not every business can afford to pay professional photographers to provide them with images for their website, blog posts and social media channels. That is why most businesses have a database of licensed images. Still, the prices for photo licenses on big platforms like Adobe, iStockphoto, Fotolia or Shutterstock can also eat into the marketing budget. That is why free stock photos are worth a look. The quality of photos to be found there has improved significantly in recent years. In the following, we present five of the best royalty-free photo databases.


The database offers high-resolution photos on a great variety of subjects such as landscapes, people and other everyday life topics. The images free for editorial and commercial use under the CCO license of the NGO Creative Commons.


Many of the pictures here are very artistic and summarized in collections. Browsing through the collections can be very inspiring. There is also a search function in case there is no time for browsing.

New Old Stock

Every now and then a little nostalgia is required. But where to find digitized images from the past? New Old Stock could be just the right address. The collection is definitely worth a look or two.


The curated database offers photos with a focus on food, landscape and animal photos. Many of the images show a keen eye for special details. Also, the colors of the over 44,000 pictures are very impressive.

The picture database is expanded by a few hundred new photos in high resolution every week. Images include breathtakingly beautiful landscape photography, snapshots and much more.

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