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This is how you get more participants for medical webinars

W4 | W4 / November 23, 2022

Do you want your medical webinar campaign to stand out despite the flood of daily emails? And you also want to motivate your target doctors to sign up by email? Significant practical tips can work wonders and increase your KPIs at the same time.

COVID-19 led to a radical change in 2020. From one day to the next, sales representatives could no longer visit their target doctors in the doctor's office or in the hospital and had to adopt new ways of communication. Many pharmaceutical companies used this difficult phase to adapt or even redefine their communication strategy. In the process, the pharmaceutical market had to realise that communication between doctors and pharmaceutical companies via digital channels was often lagging behind.

As in-person courses were very limited or not possible at all, a digital transformation took place. Requests for e-newsletters, virtual meetings, online campaigns and webinars were high. This was also evident in medical education webinars. Pharmaceutical companies, which often organise such training courses, had to act quickly, because most training courses were held in-person before the pandemic outbreak. Congresses were quickly converted into virtual webinars. Consequently, the concept of webinar invitation campaigns also had to be digitalised. In order to reach the doctors as quickly as possible during the isolation and lockdown phases, email became a crucial success factor.


How can you reach your target doctors in the daily flood of emails and inspire them to participate in an online medical event?

In this article, we will give you the key to a successful email campaign with a focus on an event. Here, the call-to-action (CTA) plays a central role for a successful registration for a medical webinar.

Our experiences show that with these practical tips, we achieve an average open rate of around 35% with successful email campaigns for webinars. About 40% of the doctors who open the email click on the CTA and nearly 50% participate in the webinar.


How do we achieve such strong KPIs?

  1. Prominent CTAs and links
  2. Good planning and regular reminders
  3. Carefully selected, diverse channels
  4. No-shows, no problems
  5. Follow-up measures


What motivates the target group to click?

In direct and dialogue marketing by email, we address the recipients with a personal salutation to the training offers that are of interest to them and use several links to encourage them to click on the registration link – especially with a prominent button, the central CTA and links in the header, in the continuous text and in the graphic content.


When to start preparing for the webinar?

The right timing is a decisive factor: start planning early and allow about two months lead time to draw attention to the webinar with a save-the-date including title and date. Further important information will then follow in the personal email invitation about three to four weeks beforehand: state the core message of your invitation, in this case the date and the title of the event, in the first lines of text and summarise the programme with the names of the speakers briefly and clearly (max. 750 characters). Since registration for the event is the goal of the email campaign, the link to registration should be placed several times, prominently and high up. Also note: you will significantly increase your interaction rate with a clear subject line and appealing wording with max. 49 characters. A long subject line is usually not fully displayed to the recipient. This applies especially to mobile devices. Choose familiar terms for the sender address. Unfamiliar senders are rarely opened.


Which channels should be used?

To maximise your chances of a high registration rate, you should promote your webinar early and regularly through different channels (see example of an invitation campaign). Use digital channels such as e-newsletters to reach additional target doctors who have not yet registered for the event with a reminder and last call email after the initial and non-opener mailing. Create social media posts on various platforms such as LinkedIn, XING and, if applicable, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok etc. Entries in medical training and congress calendars such as med-congress are very suitable to further increase the reach. However, you can also use classic communication channels, such as an invitation by post with a flyer or a fax mailing.

Also motivate your colleagues internally: the field staff also play a decisive role here. They can send personal emails to the target doctors in the region with the link to the registration page or distribute a flyer at congresses or personal visits to the doctor's practice.


How should no-shows be addressed?

Shortly before the start of the webinar, you may discover that not all participants have dialled in despite pre-registration. No-shows are part of our fast-paced world. Especially for doctors, many tasks are on the daily agenda. Experience shows that a no-show rate of 50% is quite possible. There are some ways to keep this low: e.g. if your webinar takes place in the evening, send a reminder to all registered persons by e-mail in the morning. Don't be disappointed if you have some no-shows despite all your attempts. Instead, focus on follow-up measures after the webinar to reach them and the entire target group again with the most important key messages.


How can the content of the webinar be used optimally later on?

It is best to record the medical webinar and publish it with a short scientific summary as a med-report with video stream and download of the presentations. This increases your chance of getting your message to your target doctors.

We wish you great success with your email campaign and are happy to provide further assistance.

As a full-service agency in the healthcare sector, we offer creative email marketing, among other services. We would be happy to create a tailor-made marketing and communication concept for you. You communicate your wishes and we implement them: from the idea to the wording, layout and production up to the dispatch. Thanks to our database, we can reach your target group in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France. With our many years of experience and our medical as well as technical know-how, we ensure that your campaign is a success! Contact our partners at just-medical!

Contact just-medical! Info on med-mails

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