Do you want your medical webinar campaign to stand out despite the flood of daily emails? And you also want to motivate your target doctors to sign up by email? Significant practical tips can work wonders and increase your KPIs at the same time.

Non-profit organizations are dependent on their supporters: Whether in environmental protection or development aid, the charitable sector or health care. But how do you reach them in today's world? What can you do to get your message out into the world so that as many people as possible know about...

The email remains a popular marketing tool: According to a recent study, 69 percent of companies use this channel to reach customers. 41 percent even weekly. Do not bore your recipients with the same type of messages and mix it up every once in a while.

Emails fail to be delivered for a variety of reasons. The two terms usually used in marketing for undelivered emails are soft bounce and hard bounce. We explain what these terms actually mean and how you can improve the deliverability of your newsletters.

Have you heard of Graymail? If not, it is high time: Graymail is perhaps the reason why your newsletter suffers from low open rates. Graymail can even become a problem for the deliverability of your emails.

In email marketers often focus on open and click rates. Therefore, they produce good content that encourages recipients to interact with it. Successful email marketing, however, already starts an important step earlier. It starts with deliverability.

A familiar situation for people who regularly browse the web: once you (un)intentionally click on an online ad your are forwarded to a landing page. Now you are faced with a decision: are you willing to give up personal data to access the advertised content or do you close the tab? If you choose to...

Trends come and go - email marketing remains as solid as a rock. The marketing tool is still accepted by customers because email marketing has become increasingly dynamic and personalized. With modern marketing automation systems, e-mails address the needs of their recipients and promote dialogue...

Direct marketers know about the benefits of email marketing. However, they also have to be familiar with legal guidelines. Those can differ from country to country. We have summarized the most important aspects for Germany and Switzerland.

Email marketing remains high on the list of effective marketing tools, particularly with automation and personalization. Your tailored messages however will not be read if users delete your mails unopened. These five tips help you to optimize open rates.

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