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HR in the healthcare sector is constantly facing new challenges and digitalisation is gradually making its way into this field. Digital resources for administrative and recruiting processes increase efficiency and highlight the attractiveness of a hospital or clinic. So in which areas do...

Hardly any other topic has dominated the conversation in human resources like employer branding, particularly in light of a skilled labor shortage in various industries. In the war for labor, salary is not the only factor to win candidates over. Instead, businesses have to communicate their values...

Skilled professionals are few and far between. Recruiting them poses fresh challenges to companies across all sectors, and this tendency is growing. Marketing vacancies professionally is set to play an increasingly important role in this process. Traditional job advertisements only reach a fraction...
Finding the best staff available is becoming more and more difficult. In light of the current shortage in skilled professionals, companies have engaged in a veritable run on the best, making it all the more important to know exactly where to find them. After having already presented a basic...


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