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The pharmaceutical industry is a highly competitive market, with new drugs and treatments constantly being developed. In order to stand out and increase sales, pharmaceutical companies must have effective marketing strategies in place. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective...

Imagine a world where patients find your practice before they even decide to make an appointment. That's the power of content marketing for healthcare professionals. Today's patients are actively engaged online, researching conditions and seeking trusted healthcare providers. By creating...


Medical practices, clinics and pharmaceutical companies cannot afford to neglect their online presence today. On the web, they gain the trust of new patients and customers through relevant content and a user-friendly website.

HR in the healthcare sector is constantly facing new challenges and digitalisation is gradually making its way into this field. Digital resources for administrative and recruiting processes increase efficiency and highlight the attractiveness of a hospital or clinic. So in which areas do...

After a brief roadblock caused by pandemic regulations, advanced medical education was pushed towards digitalisation, pulling all involved parties into the online world. Before that, few people were prepared for this development.

Do you want your medical webinar campaign to stand out despite the flood of daily emails? And you also want to motivate your target doctors to sign up by email? Significant practical tips can work wonders and increase your KPIs at the same time.

In many specialist areas, the majority of patients come to the practice or clinic via referring doctors. That is why efficient referral marketing is a central component of practice marketing. However, practices and clinics often lack the right strategy or the time to implement it.


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