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Digital marketing for NPOs: How it works!

W4 | W4 / May 4, 2020

Non-profit organizations are dependent on their supporters: Whether in environmental protection or development aid, the charitable sector or health care. But how do you reach them in today's world? What can you do to get your message out into the world so that as many people as possible know about it?

As a non-profit organisation, you are absolutely dependent on supporters and donors to realize your projects. The crucial question is: How do you make your organization known and reach exactly those donors who identify with your message and are happy to support you?

Why digital marketing is so helpful for NPOs

As an NPO with digital marketing, you can do this: On the one hand, you draw attention to your organisation and projects and become visible to your supporters and other interested parties. On the other hand, your donors build trust in your organisation and get the feeling of being part of it. 

With digital marketing, you as a non-profit organization can reach your goal much easier and faster: To realize important social projects - because of the support of many, many people. In this article we will introduce you to the three most important things for digital marketing that will support you in your mission as an NPO.

1. Websites for NPOs

A website is a complex matter and should always be created by professional hands. Do you already have a website and can it be found in the search engines? Even non-profit organizations are not without competition: If your website is not search engine optimized, potential donors will not end up with you, but with the competition.

Those who cannot be found online simply do not exist. This also applies to non-profit organizations: More and more people are looking for information on the Internet these days. Also look out for a mobile-optimized website, as more and more queries are done with smart phones.

Search engine marketing with Google AdGrants

Another way to increase your visibility is search engine marketing: With paid ads you will be displayed at the top of the search results. Google even offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to place ads for free with Google AdGrants. Check to see if your non-profit organization is eligible. Otherwise, use Google Ads.

Since the smartphone, as mentioned above, has already become an everyday object for many people, you can also use mobile marketing for your NPO: This way you can reach your supporters everywhere and at any time. Regardless of whether they are on the train or on vacation on the other side of the world: You stay visible for your supporters and interested parties.

2. Content marketing for NPOs

Content marketing means that you offer your supporters online content that informs, advises or entertains them. Show your supporters what you do and accomplish. Tell stories from your projects: Touch your supporters and bind them to your organisation. You can present this content in a blog on your website, for example.

Your non-profit organization will not only become more visible with content marketing. Donors can also identify much more with your organization and remain loyal to you in the long term.

In order to be successful in content marketing, you need a marketing strategy: What goals do you want to pursue as an organization in digital marketing? What message do you want to spread?

Use Social Media Marketing: Which channels is your target group using? Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Be where your supporters are and the foundation for a successful content marketing strategy is laid.

3. E-mail marketing and marketing automation 

Marketing Automation means that your digital marketing processes are automated. This saves time and gives you important information: With Marketing Automation you can track the behaviour of your supporters on your website and in your newsletter. You see which content works well and which less. This allows you to continuously improve and adapt your strategies.

Create personalized content, stay in touch with your target group and spread your message as quickly and efficiently as never before. With Marketing Automation, you as an NPO have a variety of options. Your emails and campaigns will not only reach your supporters, but also future supporters.

Get started with digital marketing

As a modern non-profit organisation, digital marketing enables you to interact with your supporters in a targeted manner and to continuously attract new ones. Realise your projects even faster with the help of digital marketing! 

Let W4 advise and support you. You will notice that digital marketing gives you full transparency of all measures taken. Interact with your supporters and find out what their motives are. So that your non-profit organization can continue to successfully realize projects and do good in the future.





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