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The B2B customer journey is changing

W4 | W4 / March 28, 2019

The B2B sector decisively influenced by the increasing digitalization and globalization. However, this fact has not gotten through to all marketers and entrepreneurs yet. Nowadays you need more than a downloadable product flyer to convert users to customers. A clear company profile, a precise positioning as well as an optimized website that binds the customer are the essential thing for a contemporary customer journey.

Content marketing – position yourself as a company

Production, sales and marketing form the pillars of any modern B2B company. Those pillars are being digitalized more and more and have to position themselves accordingly. Content marketing is the essential means to position a company. It needs to fulfill customer expectations or, ideally, surpasses them. An increasing number of companies discover that content is king. According to a study led by Suxeedo, 30 percent of the questioned companies say that content marketing plays an important or extremely important role. Thanks to the digital transformation, media has been democratized. As a result, every user has access to information and will look it up systematically.

The activities of users have to be taken into account, too. Platforms like social media provide consumers with the option to act proactively and thus also to react to the positioning of a company. Consequently, feedback should not only be expected, but also be acted on in order to meet the user’s expectations. The reaction to customer or prospect feedback is an essential means for lead- or customer generation, as well as for customer care, particularly in the B2B sector. 

Setup of B2B content marketing

First of all, a target-group oriented content strategy has to be developed, which focuses on clear-cut buyer personas. You have to think about which channels may serve best for reaching prospects. However, your website should remain your company’s flagship at all times. Valuable content has to be published on all channels. Your users expect content that provides them with added value. In order for this content to be found in the first place, a search engine optimization of your content is necessary so as to appear in the top positions of search queries – naturally above the competition. When developing or adjusting the customer journey, you should always keep in mind the five essential stages: awareness (of a product), favorability (interest in a product is increasing), consideration (purchase is considered), intent (clear buying intention) and conversion (purchase). Every stage requires specific content. 

To-do’s at a glance:

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