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Ways to Generate Newsletter Subscriptions Other than Your Website

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Email is still a valuable marketing tool. As an invitation into users' mailboxes, businesses get their offers directly in front of prospects' eyes. That is why companies should make it as easy as possible to subscribe to newsletters. While the subscription form has become a standard on websites and is also widely used during check out processes in online shops, there are other options that deserve consideration as well:

Social media: Facebook ads or the company's Facebook page itself can be used to generate both likes and newsletter opt-ins. Facebook is not the only option here. Businesses with video content can also look at YouTube layer ads that ask viewers to subscribe to the newsletter.

Recommendations: You have awesome offers that not only your customers like, but potentially their friends as well? Great, than use the contacts of your customer base to generate more newsletter opt-ins. However, be careful. You cannot send newsletters to people who have never subscribed to them. That is why your customers should be the sender of the email that merely recommends signing on to your mailing list. You can also ask existing contacts to forward parts of your newsletter to their friends, such as special promotions. It is also possible to integrate social sharing options in your newsletter.

Mobile: More and more people use smartphones to surf the internet. This includes reading and writing emails as well. Use this habit to your advantage. QR codes could, for example, forward users to a subscription form.

It has also become fairly common among restaurants, hotels and shops to offer customers free wi-fi. Usually, customers have to complete some form of registration to log on. Businesses should seize this opportunity and ask users to opt-in while they log on to their wi-fi.

POS: The point of sale is also great to offer customers a newsletter subscription. The possibilities are plentiful and have been used for quite some time now: mailing lists, loyalty cards, sweepstakes etc.

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