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What is Google My Business?

W4 | W4 / May 24, 2019

Google is among the most influential search engines worldwide and processes more than 3,45 billion search queries each day. Everybody knows this situation: If you need information, you pick up your smartphone or laptop. Search queries regarding companies as well as their locations and products also form a big part of search queries. Therefore, a good positioning is essential for your company, so that it appears on the various Google service platforms.

In order to centrally manage your company’s presence on Google products like Google Maps and Google Search, the free tool Google My Business is highly recommended.

All relevant information regarding your company is organized on a neat dashboard for all Google services. Consequently, Google My Business offers smaller companies in particular the advantage of effortlessly being found with up-to-date data on all Google service platforms. 

What are the advantages?

Search queries need to be answered – thus, it is good, if prospects are being given the correct solution right away. Many customers find their way to a company via a search engine and are fond of complete company entries. These entries also influence the local SEO: Google Maps entries are extremely important here as are links to your own website.

Moreover, you have the possibility for interaction via commentaries, experience reports or ratings. This, in turn, positively affects the awareness level and the company’s search engine ranking at the same time.


The central dashboard of Google My Business offers countless functions:

  • Management of latest company information as for example opening hours and address, which can be edited at any time
  • Review of published information, including options for optimization
  • Statistics regarding the analysis of posts and interactions
  • Creation and implementation of campaigns for search engine advertisement
  • Direct reaction to reviews and an overview of existing ratings
  • Creation of simple websites or company profile, respectively
  • Most recently, the feature for the definition of short names and URLs has been introduced. Users are now able to create personalized abbreviations for their own pages

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