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12 Types of marketing videos

W4 | W4 / August 16, 2022

In the previous article, we talked about what Video Marketing is and why you should use it for your business.  And to make sure you miss nothing, we will list all kinds of marketing videos you can choose from. 

12 Types of Marketing Video

Before starting to film and put all your recordings into one interesting video, you need to decide what type of video you want to propose to your audience. Keep in mind: that you must make this decision based on your niche and interest. 

  1. Demo Videos: showcase how your products/services work. You can choose a tour or show the physical test of your product. 
  2. Brand Videos: they embody your business mission, products/services, vision, and value. The goal is to have a higher reach for brand awareness and intrigue in your niche. 
  3. Event Videos: interviews, company gatherings, conferences, etc. everything that might interest your attorneys and your conversion goal
  4. Expert Interviews: it is a great way to build trust and authority. Show your audience an interview with an expert or podcast. Highlight yourself as an expert. 
  5. Educational Videos: they are introduction videos where you explain something new or share knowledge about your products or services. 
  6. Explainer Videos: they differ from education videos because they help the viewer better understand your products/services. They come up with a problem and end up with a solution (the solution, of course, is your product/service).
  7. Animated Videos: in most cases, brands use this type of marketing video to explain something abstract about your business that is hard to grasp with words and needs strong visuals. 
  8. Customer Testimonial/Case Study Videos: review and comments from your customer about your products/services can help to build trust and get a better brand impression. Your customer is your brand ambassadors 
  9. Live Videos: they are more and more popular for brand marketing, not only because they encourage the purchase of your product/service, but because increase user engagement and interest
  10. Virtual reality Videos: 360° videos and virtual reality where the viewer can see the content from every angle, and create the feeling of being right in front of the product or in person at an event. 
  11. Augmented Reality (AR) Videos: they add a digital layer to the content. You can show, for example, how a plant looks good in an empty room corner. 
  12. Personalized Messages Videos: You can answer questions from your user using your team member’s face. These videos will encourage purchasing and improve the customer experience.

There are also some little precautions for Video Marketing. Details make the difference: they are the core for clickbait and view bait. For example, the length of the video is important, depending on the type of video you choose, as well as the platform you choose for publication and the overall design.

If you need help regarding your video marketing and integrating it into a successful marketing strategy, contact us now!

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