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Blogcasts – voice is trending

W4 | W4 / November 7, 2018

It is quite obvious right at first glance – the word creation is a combination of the terms “blog” and “podcast”. Is this then nothing more than a merger of the two formats? What is special about a blogcast? To be sure: it is neither a podcast, nor a blog post. In the following, we will explain to you what this format has to offer.

The audio-dimension for your blog

For many companies, blogs have become an essential tool in company communication. Posts are still mostly text-based. However, the request for other formats that offer more flexibility is continuously growing, not least because of increasing mobility. People want to be able to consume interesting content while driving their car or while they are out for a run. A blogcast reacts to this trend and provides users with the audio version of the written post. It is evident why this format is not a podcast but deserves its own terminology: the blogcast is less complex and discussion-based than a typical podcast. Neither does it reach its editorial and linguistic level. It is not so much about a profound discussion but rather a precise translation of the informative content of a blog post into the audio format. Consequently, a blog cast is also far easier to produce.

Using the right language

Both the blogcast and the podcast are recorded by a human speaker. Since users react differently to voiced information than to written words, a post has to be written particularly listener-friendly. This means that sentences should be kept short and structured without too much complexity. Technical terms and foreign words should be sufficiently explained or alternatively replaced by more common terms. Nevertheless, it is essential that the post still works in its written form. Consequently, a language that is at the same time clear and precise as well as easy going and casual is necessary. Moreover, you should consider whether a post is actually suitable as a blogcast. If it deals with technical details or if graphic material is essential for understanding, a blogcast might not be the right format.

Furthermore, it is crucial for the recording to be absolutely professional and of highest quality, since this reflects positively on the company image. This is the reason why most companies work with external agencies. If recordings are made by your own employees, professional equipment should be used and the speakers need to be well trained.

Placement and potential

How and where should your own blogcast be published? It is not enough to just put it on your own website. In times of multi-optionality, cross-channel marketing is essential for reaching as many users as possible. Well established platforms like iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud are an obvious choice. Creating your own RSS-feed is also recommended. Since the tendency towards voice and voice search will ever gain importance in the future, it is advisable for any company to offer audio content. This is an important aspect when it comes to increasing visibility in all common search engines.

Even if some companies have already discovered the potential of blogcasts, the usage of this format is still not very wide-spread. If your content is suitable for blogcasts, they will definitely attract the attention of your users and you will profit from the usage of this still new and thrilling format.

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