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Everywhere Commerce I: Bridging the Gap between Analogue and Digital

W4 | W4 / April 19, 2018
Do you still drive to a local store or do you rather shop comfortably online? Many people prefer the tablet over their car keys when it comes down to going shopping. Nevertheless, as part of a multi-channel strategy, retail real estate is still important. - Even more so if we consider that a local store can be optimized using similar tools as in online marketing. Also, because the smartphone bridges the gap between the analogue and the digital world. 

Retail real estate can do things that are not (yet) possible online: personal advice aside, a store appeals to all senses. Products can be touched, smelled and tested. On these grounds, people will continue to prefer the local store over an online shop in some cases.

If we compare Google's search results with a shopping street, we realize that there are many shops competing for our attention. Thanks to keyword optimization, meta description and well-placed ads as well as optimized landing pages, online retailers try to be the brightest star on an already crowded sky. All this is based on the continuous evaluation of online traffic: Which keywords gain the best results? How does a landing page have to be designed in order to deliver high conversion rates? There are many tools that allow marketers to measure the success of online campaigns. The lessons learnt from online retailers can also be applied to their stationary counterparts. In both local and online stores one thing matters the most: positive experiences deliver high conversion rates.

Customer Analysis in Local Stores with Smartphones

How many people walk by your shopping window? How can I improve my shopping window so that people stop and enter the store? Once they entered the store: How long are they staying and do they buy something? These are questions that can be answered using smartphones. Every smartphone transmits a unique signal, called MAC address, that is similar to an IP address. Using a WiFi sensor, this MAC address can be used to deliver answers to the above questions. The obtained data can make up valuable store statistics. Statistics are great, but solutions based on Kinect technology can even identify facial expressions and therefore be used to evaluate the emotional responses in-store ads trigger.


Download our infographic here. 

Other than collecting data, smartphones can also be used to link the analogue with the digital world. Using OR-codes, for example, additional product data can be made available to shoppers. Such codes can also be used to make additional offers or to encourage shoppers to subscribe to a newsletter – there are many possibilities. One thing, however, is important. All measures must be used to improve a customer's experience. By receiving great service, a customer will be more likely to return to the store – no matter if it is in the real or digital world.

Furthermore, more and more smartphones are equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This introduces a new way of making financial transactions that is fast and easy. Up until now, NFC is most common in public transportation for rather small amounts of money.

Not Only More But Better Leads with Call Tracking

The means of the digital world not only benefit local stores. We tell you how telemarketing can benefit from digital marketing methods in the next issue. Stay tuned!

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