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Is your website too slow? A Reverse Proxy is what you need

W4 | W4 / November 16, 2022

When entering the digital world of the Chinese market, your company must adapt its strategy by localising its advertising, keeping up with trends, targeting its audience and choosing the right channel to build your digital presence. 

But what about making your website accessible to Chinese users? 

Are Chinese users able to visit your web pages smoothly?

Regardless of whether your business is small, medium or large, if you are based in Europe, Chinese users will have difficulty visiting your website, they will have slow performance and security, or in the worst case, they will not be able to find you at all.

What is a reverse proxy?

When a Chinese user tries to connect to a site whose server is located in Berlin, for example, the data has to travel a long distance to get from one server to another. This can lead to data loss and be subject to virtual attacks.

A reverse proxy acts as a middleman between users and the origin server. It is a kind of intermediary that forwards multiple content requests from clients to different servers on the Internet. The purpose of these reverse proxy servers is to improve security, reliability, and overall performance. Its main tasks include:

  • Receiving connection requests from users
  • Completing the TCP three-way handshake and terminating the original connection
  • Connecting directly to the server and forwarding the original request

The need to develop a reverse proxy is not only to increase security and reliability but also to ensure a smooth flow of network traffic between clients and servers.

Benefits of using Reverse Proxy

The reverse proxy is designed to combat cyber attacks. It is also capable of hosting web application firewalls and other tools to get rid of malware like hacker requests and malicious bots 

Advantages of Reverse Proxy:

  1. Caching: Users in China who visit the website will get the cached version from the local server, resulting in faster performance 
  2. Load Balancing: with thousands of visitors per day, it can be difficult to manage website traffic with a single origin server. A reverse proxy provides a load-balancing solution that can distribute website traffic across servers and prevent overloading.
  3. Global Servers Load Balancing (GSLB): another type of load balancing. The reverse proxy sends clients' requests to the server closest to them. As a result, requests and responses do not have to travel long distances and load times are reduced.
  4. Easy Integration with Alibaba Cloud:  enterprises that already rely on Alibaba Cloud for various services can seamlessly integrate our reverse proxy solution to get better firewall security, load balancing, and improved performance.

W4 Reverse Proxy ensure smooth internet traffic, improve server efficiency, and provide an additional layer of cybersecurity for our various customers


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