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How Email Marketing Benefits Lead Management

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Email marketing is more than sending out newsletters. It is also a valuable instrument in lead management. Depending on your strategy, email marketing can be specifically used to generate new leads and to lead them to a buying decision. This course of action also takes away some work load off your sales department.

Generating leads

Every lead management strategy starts with developing customer personas. Once customers have been identified, they can receive customized content such as free tools, ebooks or checklists. By offering content that is of interest to them, you make sure to get and hold their attention.

Important! Your content should be among the top results on search engines.

Lead nurturing

Once you have potential clients' attention, you have to nurture them towards a buying decision.

The secret recipe: Make them the right offer at the right time. This is the moment where the good old email comes into play again. Periodically feed leads relevant information. This information should be attuned to the individual lead's customer journey. Your mails should also contain incentives to give up information (e.g. download content). With every piece of information you receive, you can supplement the user profiles so that you can make offers they can't refuse.

Lead scoring

The objective is to sell something. In order to assess a leads' willingness to buy something, you have to evaluate their potential. That is why marketing and sales should join forces and develop a lead scoring model. When do they think a lead is ready to become a customer, i.e. what is the right moment to transfer a lead from marketing to sales (lead routing)?

State of the art email communication with marketing automation: track user behavior and use this information to assess leads according to their potential. The right technology can do this for you automatically!

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