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Tips for Search Engine Optimized Texts

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

If you want your content ranked at the top of search engines, you have to consider a lot. From the text structure, the definition of keywords to the integration of media and links, certain features and factors must be taken into account. The following is a list of practical tips for creating search engine optimized texts.


First of all, a so-called focus keyword must be defined. Your focus keyword has to encapsulate the quintessence or the main theme of the text. Ask yourself “what would I enter when researching the topic online?” Use keyword tools to make sure you choose a good keyword - one that is often searched but has low competition.
Furthermore, it is important to define meta keywords, which delineate the subject of the text more precisely. Both long-tail and short-head keywords are possible. It is paramount that the keywords are relevant and used often enough in relation to the text length. The focus keyword should appear especially in the headline (H1) and in the first sentence of the main text.

Text structure

A comprehensible and well-structured text not only improves readability, but also search results. In addition to the particularly important headline (H1), subheadings (H2, H3, ...) should also be defined. These ensure a better readability ("readability") and increase the "crawlability" (user friendliness) for search engines.
Moreover, texts should be 300 words or more. Shorter texts could be published in a separate section of the website.

Meta information

A meta description should be formulated for every website text. This should have a length of approximately 121 to 156 characters and contain the focus keyword. Furthermore, a so-called "metatitle" should be defined as well.

Integration of other media

A web page without pictures or videos is a real rarity today. If media are integrated, these should have alt attributes containing the focus keyword.

Links: Both external and internal links support the search engine optimization of the text.

As the previous remarks have shown, it is not necessarily easy to compile a search engine optimized text as there are many important factors to be considered. It takes a bit of practice and experience, which is why many companies rely on professional online editors for their web texts. After all, "Content is King".

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