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What are WeChat mini programs?

W4 | W4 / February 1, 2023

How many apps do you have on your phone that you rarely use? How much storage space do they occupy on your phone? Tencent has fixed this unused storage with the WeChat mini-program. Just when you think you have already discovered the entire great ecosystem of WeChat, it pulls another ace out of its sleeve like a magician, earning the Super App designation once again.

What are WeChat mini-programs and how do they work? 

WeChat mini-programs are apps within the app, but they do not need to be downloaded or installed to be used. They work directly within the WeChat ecosystem and can be used from anywhere in the world.
WeChat allows third parties to develop these mini-apps to provide users with an all-in-one experience. They offer advanced features such as e-commerce, virtual tours, games, readings, lifestyle services, etc.
The most popular way to access them is to swipe down in WeChat, and usually, users can access the list of their recently used mini-programs. But actually, they can access the mini-program from many different sources within the app.

Why does your business need WeChat mini-programs? 

Businesses have the opportunity to drive traffic and reach their audience on their phone in so many ways. If users have already used the mini-program, they can easily reach the mini-program with a swipe down. However, if we consider the purpose of branding, it is a great advantage that users can access the company’s mini-program in different ways:

  • WeChat Official Account menu
  • WeChat article
  • Sharing in the WeChat group
  • Scanning the QR code (this can also work very well for offline advertising or sales)
  • Easy search on the Discover tab

The brand also has the following advantages:

  • Integration of WeChat Pay
  • Conduct live streaming and viewers have the option to purchase products during the live
  • Use 3D models, VR movies, or AR filters to sell products
  • Geographic location of the user
  • Straighten the connection with their community
  • Notification when something new is published
  • Less cost to develop and maintain compared to more complex websites 

Of course, there is also the other side of the coin to consider. WeChat's mini-programs also have drawbacks, such as: 

  • Users receive the notification, but no push notification
  • They have their own “coding language”, JavaScript developed by Tencent. So the development of it requires deep knowledge. 
  • WeChat mini-programs are not in the traditional "html" and "css" language, but in wxml.
  • With each Tencent update, companies must submit.
  • They work only in the WeChat application ecosystem, not in browsers

For businesses, developing a WeChat mini-program means they can maximize their brand presence in the native app and use it as a critical component of their marketing ecosystem. Brands have more chances to land on their users' mobile screens, allowing them to engage with the brand in an interactive and frictionless way.

WeChat mini-programs are not the only tools you can use for your marketing in China. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about your options:

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