Gamification – Playfully Strengthening Your Own Business

Whether old or young - playing games is a part of human nature. The enticing feeling of success combined with (hopefully) the fun experienced during gameplay make us happy to play games over and over again. Applying this tendency in such a way that it benefits businesses is the objective of gamification.Gamification comprises the use of typical game elements such as high scores, leader boards or badges in contexts that are seemingly unrelated to a game. Used the right way, it can make complicated or rather boring content appear engaging and motivate users to interact with the source. In the best-case scenario, their behavior is influenced positively.

Gamification in business software

A kind of reward-principle like those found in games has always been present in businesses. If an employee completes the tasks assigned to him, his work is generally compensated with a raise, promotion or a bonus. In reality this only works to a certain extent; "work to rule" is the norm. That calls for an additional motivator and this is where gamification comes into play. Professionally gamified business software embellishes dry, uninteresting tasks to be more attractive and conveys complicated content in a playful way. Problems become more concrete, tasks more comprehensible, further training simpler.

Gamification in branding

Gamification can also be used to shape a brand. Here particular attention must be paid to ensuring that the game elements are geared toward the personality of the company.

Modern and youthful brands interested in communicating their image in a playful and individual manner may reach a bit deeper into the bag of tricks by spicing up their communication tools. Here, gamification elements can be reminiscent of real games at first glance.

On the other hand, brands that stand for seriousness, discipline and straightforwardness should limit themselves to the less playful game elements like classical progress bars. 

Gamification as a means of customer acquisition

Gamification makes a special contribution to customer care. Because games/game elements entertain customers on their own initiative. The positive feeling this generates is transferred to the product advertised – an ideal prerequisite for every purchase decision.

Gamification to promote sales

Which also brings us to another advantage of gamification: increased sales. If a product purchase offers the prospect of winning something else, customers have been proven to be more likely to make the purchase. Whether automatic participation in a contest or the ever-popular loyalty point system – the goal is always the same: to sell. To reach this goal, professional gamification should

  • convey a link to the product/brand/company
  • be tailored to the target group
  • be easily accessible and designed in an easy-to-understand way
  • demonstrate clear rules of play
  • give users opportunities to make their own, independent decisions
  • be neither too simple nor too complex for the relevant target group
  • include the opportunity for feedback

If gamification meets all of these requirements, experts talk about "flow".  This is to say that customers are "going with the flow" - their behavior is influences positively in a playful, engaging manner.

What we offer: W4 gamification

Do you have a product you would like to promote in an original way? Would you like to redesign your website to be more user friendly and generate increased traffic? Would you like to get an overview of your customers' requirements or motivate your employees to undergo further training? We have the answer: gamification. W4 will develop a gamification concept in accordance with your expectations and handle the entire realization process.

We will animate and gamify your mascots, symbols and logos or design entirely new 3D characters ready for filming. We will produce trailers and introductions and also optimize work, learning and selling processes. What's more, we will design complete gaming concepts and then handle the 3D visualization and programming of those games – all under one roof.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Image cultivation & rejuvenation: Modern, technically sophisticated gamification concepts allow you to set yourself apart from clumsy competitions and unprofessional contests.
  • Promotion: Unusual gamification concepts generate publicity and new potential customers.
  • Customer loyalty/care: Professional gamification concepts motivate your customers to interact. They reinforce the positive perception of your product, your brand and your company in public.
  • Website optimization: As an element of content marketing, games increase the traffic flow to your company website.
  • Sales promotion: Whether used for image cultivation, customer service or sales processes - a playful approach conveys customers a positive feeling linked to your offering, which in turn promotes their motivation to make a purchase.
  • SEO optimization: With a skillfully implemented online game application, your users will soon be generating their own valuable content for your website: via evaluations, comments, photos and videos.
  • Customer requirements analysis: The right gamification concept will give you an overview of customers' requirements based on the individual decisions made over the course of the game.
  • Internal company optimization: Whether for further education, work processes or employee analyses – skillfully-implemented gamification elements will make your internal workflows smoother, more attractive and increase their usage.

We have the necessary technical expertise, professional designers and an instinctive feeling for innovative, creative ideas to playfully guide your company along the path to success. Please contact us.

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