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How to Get More Prospective Customers, Conversion and Better CTR

W4 | W4 / April 18, 2018

Millions of e-mail inboxes are filled to the brim each day with messages. The simpler, the more interesting and more trustworthy the manner in which company and industry news is presented, the better the chances that we will read them. In this issue, we have put together some of the basics in terms of design and optimization of newsletters and landingpages. Learn how the pros prepare newsletters and landing pages.Using e-mail newsletters, you can direct prospects and customers directly to the landing page for the things you offer, such as a download, subscriptions, or the purchase of a product. With effectively placed arguments and automated analysis process you can increase the percentage of leads (conversion rate). 

This is how you improve the conversion rate

For good conversion rates, two essential aspects have to come together:

Your newsletter is displayed correctly in all available e-mail programs.

The contents presented are easy to grasp and wonderfully arranged for tapping into sales psychology.

This involves strategic placement of the conversion elements, such as the headline, lead text, bulleted lists or the call to action, while taking into account their visibility and other factors.

10 tips for designing newsletters and landing pages:

Subject line: The ideal subject line communicates a clear advantage. The most important element of your newsletter is that it must clearly communicate the benefits. Only then will the recipient open the e-mail and look at the entire newsletter.

Headline: Work with a simple and concise title that picks up the expectations of the subject line. For a landing page, choose one that mentally verifies the expectations generated in the newsletter. Take the blink test: By the next time you blink, the headline must be found, read and mentally processed.

Lead text: The content focuses on the most important offering, is presented clearly and creates an arc of suspense along the natural direction of one's gaze from top left to bottom right.

Images: Product or decorative images support the text's effect, while significantly accelerating the conversion rate. Their effect is especially strong when placed in front of a neutral background. Be sure to fine-tune them with the other elements.

Bulleted lists: List your selling points here briefly and clearly, preferably with check marks. The psychologically proven order is the ranking hierarchy 1-3-2.

Call to Action: All the benefits of your offer have been presented. Now it's time to trigger the desired action. The prompting button takes the visitor directly to the benefits awaiting him. Again: Vary the size, placement and color scheme of the button for maximum impact.

Eye flow: In Western cultures, the reader's gaze generally runs from top left to bottom right. This course should either be followed or systematically interrupted with particularly eye-catching elements. The upper left corner receives special focus from the viewer (traditional place for your logo). Another key position is the area between the upper left corner and the center. Set your entry point here.

Keywords: If visitors reach a landing page by clicking on a link in a newsletter, the main keywords from the initial e-mail should reappear on the landing page, preferably accompanied by your strongest selling arguments.

Forms: Registration or order forms should be visible in the window without using the scrollbar. Reduce the input fields to a minimum! The more information a user must disclose about himself, the greater the bounce rate.

Share Links: Social media links are essential in newsletters and landing pages. If someone views your products as valuable, they have the urge to share them with friends and colleagues. Backlinks also increase your ranking on Google.

If the newsletter has been sent or the page went live, review its usability. Using professional monitoring, we observe your web statistics and opening rates. Usability hurdles quickly become visible and present you with options for adjustment.

W4 sums it up.

If you wish to maximise your conversion rate with newsletters and landing pages, this calls for both sales psychology and professional know-how in the field of SEO.

You attain these skills through knowledge, testing, analyses and adjustments.

For more in-depth information, we recommend further links. Or we hand the task over to experienced professionals. We happily consult you. Get in touch!

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