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ICO marketing: how to get it right

W4 | W4 / November 1, 2018

If you want your projects to develop quickly with the help of crowdfunding there is no getting around ICO (initial coin offering). Investors are guaranteed perfect transparency thanks to the blockchain principle with which the investors’ transactions are recorded as a data blockchain, as well as decentralized data banks. But how do you gain the trust of potential investors and how can you reach them effectively via online marketing? 

Gain the trust of potential investors

In order to convince potential investors of the projects’ integrity and seriousness, you first have to introduce all its aspects. You can master the online sector with providing a detailed whitepaper. Different aspects like the basic idea, planning, implementation details or legal bases should definitely be mentioned. Moreover, detailed information about token remuneration, required capital, what sets you apart from the competition and the project team should be included. After reading the whitepaper, potential investors should be convinced of the project and its success. Only if the project is successful will the investors profit by buying project specific crypto currency.

Your website has to be THE online flagship of your company and consequently needs to give a professional and reliable impression. Users should be able to download the whitepaper on your website. Show your engagement with including elaborately designed and instructive infographics.

ICO marketing strategy

As soon as the website and the whitepaper, which form the basis for your marketing strategy, are ready and visible, the next step is to advertise and spread your content. You can do so via social media channels, where you can advertise your website, the whitepaper or a project-specific landing page. Considering sponsored content like Google Ads (paid ads) is also advisable. The initial costs will pay off in the end, since your goal is, after all, to gain as many investors as possible. Adverts for crypto currency may be forbidden on Facebook and Twitter, but there are plenty of communities, pages, groups and networks where you can and should become active. Influencer marketing can also be helpful. By now, there are some YouTubers and bloggers who produce content for crypto fans and investors on a regular basis and who have meanwhile gained quite a reach.

Email marketing, too, should not be put aside. You can inform subscribers in all detail about your token offers and create new investors out of your contact list by sending a simple newsletter.

Furthermore, it is recommended to publish an ICO announcement in different ICO calendars and to signal the release of your tokens.  

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