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Improve sales possibilities with the help of lead scoring

W4 | W4 / April 18, 2019

If a prospect is particularly engaged and for example visits your website multiple times or likes your social media posts on a regular basis, their chance of forming a buying decision is better than with a prospect who only visited your website once. It is obvious so far, but how to efficiently differentiate between engaged prospects and those who are not as active and how to group them according to specific marketing activities? Lead scoring is the solution!

What is lead scoring?

Lead scoring is the rating of leads (qualified prospects, who have provided their contact data). Two aspects need your attention: a lead’s profile and their engagement. The lead receives points for the complexity of their profile as well as for specific actions like website visits, reactions to campaigns or social media interactions. That way, a lead’s score is determined.

Artificial intelligence for more efficiency

Thanks to artificial intelligence, AI for short, previous user activities and interests can be analyzed and used for the creation of predictions for different users’ future activities. True to the motto: “Customers who bought this item, also purchased …”

Lead rating software allows you to access the lead scoring from any device at any given time in order to check your leads’ current probability for acquisition. Based on this information, you can create a prioritized plan for action, which increases the efficiency of your sales employees. You are able to target promising leads and present your marketing message effectively.
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Predictive lead scoring

With the help of this predictive scoring model, an application checks whether further marketing actions are still necessary for a specific lead or whether they are ready to get in touch with the sales department. Constantly growing data is the basis for this analysis.

Advantages with lead scoring at a glance:

  • Identification of the current possibility for acquisition
  • Automated lead rating
  • Increase of the sales department’s efficiency
  • Identification of leads with buying intention
  • Targeted approach of relevant leads
  • Get to know the target group better
  • Creation of patters for the rating of leads
  • Determination of factors influencing the sales
  • Cost reduction for acquisition

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