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Optimized Landing Pages

Selected products and services can be highlighted particularly well by means of a landing page. Not only do they allow you to provide a platform for your products and services, landing pages also automatically facilitate product-related search engine optimization. This makes sure your sales chances are increased. Provided your pages are professionally implemented. 

The starting point

Millions of products and services are offered on the internet. Potential customers usually start their virtual shopping tours using Google, Yahoo, etc. This is where you should grab their attention: either as one of the first links listed or with a paid ad. When users click on your link, they have taken the first step. Now it's up to you to keep them interested.

The challenge

The first seconds determine whether a potential client will linger on your page or switch to another offer. If they stay with you, your job is to convince them of your offer and the benefits of making contact. What you need is a strategy that skillfully combines content and design.

The solution

It goes without saying that the landing page needs to show the users the offer highlighted in your ad. It is also essential that on their first visit to the landing page they immediately recognize exactly what is being offered. This can only be guaranteed if you minimize possible distractions on your page. Hide anything that is unnecessary, such as advertising banners, additional offers, off-topic information and the website navigation.

You should also remember the following:

1. Headline: Use a headline that communicates your offer strongly, precisely and attractively.

2. Sub-headline: Use a sub-headline to clearly explain further benefits of your offer.

3. Images: Underscore your message with powerful images. Make sure they are truly relevant and serious.

4. Copy: Formulate a clearly structured, serious offer that accurately defines the benefits of your product/service.

5. Proof: Weigh up the pros and cons of including testimonials, studies or seals of quality.

6. Contact form: Make sure that all forms are easy to understand and attractively designed. Make it clear why you need which information. Remember: The more information you request, the lower your response rate will be.

7. Call-to-action:  Make use of a call-to-action in the right place.

8. Data protection policy: Offer your data protection policy for download on the landing page. Although it will rarely be downloaded, your trustworthiness and therefore your chance of registrations will be increased.

9. Social sharing options: Make it easy for your offer to be shared on social networks. This will strengthen trust and give you more publicity.

A/B testing

All the variables above have an impact on the quality and therefore the success of landing pages. The best combination of these variables depends heavily on the offer and the target group, and in many cases is not immediately apparant. During the design process, different page versions are generally developed. A/B tests are a recommended way of finding out which variant promises the greatest success. This means different designs of the landing page are implemented and their response rates checked in test phases. Although this initially involves more work, it results in more leads eventually.

W4's good bet: Always integrate your landing page into your website. Standalone landing pages often appear less trustworthy, especially when unknown brands are concerned.

Thank you page

When visitors give their contact details, they must always be acknowledged with a thank you. The positive impression you give should not end as soon as contact is made. Every visitor who contacts you via the form should receive an appropriate, polite response to his or her enquiry. This is best done with a "Thank you" page, which should contain the following elements:

  • an expression of thanks
  • an overview of the requested offer or access to the offer
  • contact details
  • social sharing options
  • suggestions for further action (registration for newsletter, links to other topics, etc.)
  • navigation of the actual website

Our offer: W4 - Landing Pages

We will design and produce a customized landing page for you. W4 will be responsible for both strategy and content, and also for the graphical and technical implementation of the page.

We can create a personalized package tailored to your individual requirements and wishes. Contact us today!

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