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Relevant content for your social media target audience

W4 | W4 / December 19, 2018

Social media presentation has long been an essential part of B2C companies‘ marketing strategy. These platforms are used to present products and brands and to reach (potential) customers. At least 78% of all internet users access social media, too. Whether spreading of news, information about new products or constant content publication – companies use social media to create new channels. For B2B companies, too, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like are becoming increasingly interesting. If you design your social media presence with care and pay attention to a few details while using respective tools, you can greatly improve your marketing strategy via the newly won channels.

Even if content published by B2C and B2B companies differs, both should follow one and the same goal: to post content that attracts readers. Target-group oriented content, which has been developed for the respective user group, is used to gain their attention and create a higher user loyalty. Digital customer service also counts when it comes to customer reviews or comments, which should be answered individually.

B2C companies

Many B2C companies are already using social media as a means for customer acquisition. A large number of customers frequent social media profiles of companies in order to inform themselves about their offers. Consequently, these profiles provide an ideal opportunity to win prospects and to guide them all the way to their buying decision. In contrast to the B2B sector, advertisement can be much more emotional to make sure it triggers the customer’s interest on a personal level. B2C companies usually design interesting stories, which are to trigger the need of the reader and thus influence the buying decision. There are hardly any limits to your creativity: spontaneous, funny photos of current events or of your product “in action” have the goal of reaching a high level of attention and to distance themselves from the competition. Despite the seemingly free choice of topics, B2C companies should nevertheless create content that resonates with their target audience. You can find out which content is suitable for which target group by doing a comprehensive target group analysis.

B2B companies

Whatever is successful in the B2C area, may also work for the communication with business clients. Besides your own website, social media platforms work as an additional channel for the (free) presentation of your content. B2B companies have to pay much more attention to the details when choosing their content topics. Depending on the services or products offered, one or the other might be more appropriate. Published content in the B2B sector is often far more conservative: it has the ambition to be informative and objective above all. The focus should be placed on facts, information and statistics, which offer the customer trustworthy and concrete sources. Product placement is already expected by the customer. Therefore, it is important to give a competent and reliable impression on social networks. Content marketing in the B2B sector can thus be called linear and straightforward. Due to this straightforwardness, you secure a professional and authentic impression. The latest topics, services and product news, which are based on the customers‘ requirements, are most efficient when trying to gain the attention of business clients. In the end, only content that is relevant for the respective target group leads to success.

To put it short: B2B companies should use Facebook, Twitter and the like for an optimized brand presentation and to enhance customer relationships through interesting, topic-specific news.

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