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Webinars as B2B marketing magnets

W4 | W4 / March 7, 2019

Knowledge is power! This proverb doesn’t exist without a reason. If you gather profound knowledge in a specific field, you certainly gain an advantage over your competition. Thanks to digitalization and globalization, we are nowadays able to obtain knowledge from all corners of the world. Webinars serve as an important platform.

Why should you offer webinars in B2B?

In B2B, you can use your webinars particularly well for customer care and customer generation as well as for positioning your company. Depending on which goods or services you offer, you may for example create webinars that explain the usage or installation of your products. The goal should be to get users accustomed to your products and to support them with a specific problem, like for example the installation or implementation of your product. However, make sure not to make parts of your existing services redundant by doing so. Since webinars can be created interactively, you can secure the trust of prospects, react to individual questions and get to know you target group.

Tips for a successful webinar

You can use already existent channels like your website or social networks to announce your webinar and post reminders. A certain lead time has to be guaranteed so that potential attendees have time to consider the subject and to register. Provide your prospects with a webinar checklist so they can make sure that all technical requirements for taking part are being met.

To present the company in a good light and to ensure the attention of the attendees, the host and speaker of the webinar should have good rhetorical skills (a little practice beforehand helps). You should also include a Power Point presentation – that way, you engage the attendees visually and present your content in a comprehensible way. The selection of the right topic matters, too. It has to be broad enough to reach a large audience but at the same time specific enough to be relevant, all of which makes it a balancing act. A SEO analysis can help with the topic selection. Related blog posts can trigger the interest in your webinar.

More important tips for your webinar:

  • Check registrations regularly in order to be able to adjust marketing activities accordingly
  • Set a goal regarding the number of attendees.
  • Create an informative landing page that contains all important points regarding content, speakers, possible sponsors etc.
  • Remind individuals who have already registered of the webinar on a regular base (via email and social media).
  • Provide your attendees with something special (e.g. a discount code at the end of the presentation or a free whitepaper for download).
  • Choose a suitable day of the week (Tuesday to Thursday) and the right time of day (depending on your target group)
  • Create CTAs and a memorable hashtag
  • Send out a thank-you email as well as a confirmation of registration
  • Start an ad campaign for greater reach
  • Create a calendar reminder for particularly well-organized prospects

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