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Where to Find Influencers for Your Brand

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Have you already advertised your brand and products with the help of Instagramers, bloggers or YouTubers? If not, you are one in a pretty large number of Swiss companies that have not yet discovered Influencer Marketing. This also means you are also part of the group projected to consider the opportunities afforded by this marketing strategy this year. Influencer Marketing is currently one of the leading trends in online marketing.

Until now, only an exceptionally small percentage of companies has implemented online campaigns with thought leaders on social networks - mostly successfully. About two thirds of Swiss research information about the quality, the functionality and the price of products online before making a purchase. In addition to classic consumer goods from the categories fashion, sport, lifestyle, music, entertainment, fitness, travel, technology, health or nutrition, advertising cooperations with opinion leaders can also be used to market products usually sold through referrals. These include banks, insurance companies and tourism products.

Where can I find influencers for my products?

Wanted - found - marketed. Finding the influencers who have the greatest reach is quite simple. However, they do not automatically guarantee the success of your products. The key factors of a successful campaign are authenticity, credibility and discreet product placement. Otherwise, the cooperation misses the target and is perceived as classic advertising. Brand and influencer would lose trust. How to find suitable influencers?

There are two options: You can either search for brand advocates yourself via the Instagram suggested user list or use an agency or platform. Both options can be worthwile. Anyone who is good at navigating the social web and can identify potential influencers and approach them directly. With little effort an InstaMeet can be organized to get familiar with selected influencers who are invited to the event.

The criteria for this are summarized here:

How to Find the Right Multipliers

Anyone who does not have the time or the knowledge can find influencers through platforms and specialized agencies. They might also have some campaign ideas for you. In principle, the reach of posts should not be taken as the sole success indicator. An active, responsive community and expertise or affinity for a topic are equally relevant when selecting an influencer.

Swiss agencies


The Kingfluencers agency maintains contact with more than 1,000 influential personalities on diverse social channels. Some of them have 10 million followers. The implementation of campaigns is managed through an app programmed for this purpose. Campaign performance is continuously monitored.

The site offers readers up-to-date rankings of influencers (according to reach!) filtered by country. Huge brands are occupying the top ranks - which is probably less helpful when looking for actual people. The list can not be filtered by industry or topic. You can still get inspiration and best practice examples here.

German Platforms

Reach City

This provider specializes in bringing together companies and YouTubers. People can register as an influencer or company in just a few steps. Companies outline their objectives. This summary is then forwarded to the potential influencers. Interested YouTubers, Twitterer or bloggers submit suggestions on how they would present your product and what reach and target groups are to be expected. If companies and influencers have found each other, they work out the project in a protected digital workspace. Only what has been released by the client is published. Customers are AEG, Lidl, Nintendo, ErgoDirect.


The German provider Hashtaglove works similarly. Influencers find companies and vice versa. There are numerous examples of campaigns realized thanks to the platform.

Other platforms and agencies specializing in Influencer Marketing: (Germany) (Germany) (USA) (USA) (USA; UK)

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