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The Future of E-Commerce Is Now: 3D Product Configuration and Augmented Reality

W4 | W4 / December 15, 2022

Whether you assemble your dream kitchen with Ikea or try on glasses on - 3D product configuration and augmented reality (AR) have already made their way into many online shops. Nevertheless, these additions are still a unique selling point that companies use to set their digital commerce apart from the competition. Because real-time 3D and AR not only improve the user experience (UX), but also increase the conversion rate.  

Augmented reality refers to digital elements that extend reality. The mobile game Pokémon Go, for example, falls into this category. Using the camera of your mobile phone, a colourful creature is placed in your front garden, which you are then invited to catch. In e-commerce, this function is particularly useful for furniture. With the help of AR, potential customers can try out how a sofa looks in their living room or whether it fits into their space.

zakeke augmented reality

Zakeke's AR solution

AR is not to be confused with 2D and 3D product configuration. Although the latter also involves the realistic representation of a product, the element is not transferred to the user's real world. 2D configuration is particularly suitable for customisable products such as printed shirts or engraved chopping boards. Especially since customised items are often excluded from returns, users wish to see a preview of their order. But even if you offer free returns, a realistic configuration helps decrease the number of returns.

Zakeke webtoprint-3D-product-configuration3D configuration facilitates the online sale of products that require a lot of consultation and are primarily purchased in brick-and-mortar shops. Especially in the upper price segment, potential customers gather a lot of information before making a purchase decision and want to eliminate all doubts. This would be the case for kitchens or cars, for example. But also when choosing the colour of a sofa, a 3D configuration can provide clarity and strengthen the purchase decision.

Zakeke engraving-3D-product-configuration

In general, 3D product configuration and AR enrich the customer experience. Trying on glasses or rearranging chairs effortlessly on your own smartphone is fun and resembles video games (see Gamification for more information). But unlike video games, your customers don't want to spend ages configuring products. Therefore, choose products that can be customised in three to five steps. As already mentioned, real-time 3D can eliminate uncertainties, which supports the buying decision. However, the purchase decision is also strengthened by participation in the product design. If a user spends five minutes customising a sneaker according to their favourite colours, they form a bond with the shoe. Ultimately, the time and ideas invested automatically strengthen loyalty to the brand.

zakeke 3D-configuration

3D-Viewer by Zakake

Would you like to play an active role in shaping the future of e-commerce? Discover the solutions of our partner Zakeke now - compatible with all leading e-commerce platforms. Alternatively, you may arrange a no-obligation appointment with our expert.

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