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Conversational Marketing - now it's personal!

W4 | W4 / June 8, 2021

Communication has always been the essential basis of any sales success. All of a company's communication tools, such as its website, social media channels, advertisements or a blog, can play a decisive role in promoting sales. But customers often also need a face to a company, a specific contact person who conveys trust and thus contributes the final kick to the purchase decision. With Conversational Marketing, you can offer your (potential) customers this individual support or communication without the need for an array of employees.

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing focuses on direct communication with the potential buyer. For example, you offer visitors to your website the opportunity to get in touch with your company or one of your employees at any time. This type of marketing is becoming more and more prominent as year after year the expectation for a quick response in communication between customers and the company increases.

There are three popular implementation options for conversational marketing:

Through chat boxes integrated on your website, online store or blog, for example, you can offer users a real-time communication experience. To save resources and offer an immediate response, it is advisable to automate this communication by using chatbots. These are sophisticated and take on simple requests with ease. One can proceed both with written conversation or via voice messages. For more critical inquiries, an employee can take over at any time and provide individual as well as personal support to the potential customer. According to a study, a full 37 percent of the companies surveyed in the DACH region in July 2020 said they already use a bot in their company. In the future, the number will certainly increase significantly.

The second option for implementing your conversational marketing is offered by messenger services such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Co. Hardly any smartphone owner has not installed one of the currently popular messenger apps to stay in close contact with loved ones and follow favorite companies. Companies offer private chat groups to communicate with the community, answer questions and distribute useful content.

In a slightly broader sense, social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn or XING also count as conversational marketing, as users can get in touch directly with experts from your company.

What are the advantages of conversational marketing?

The most obvious advantage: your users get immediate support. Often, a chat function is offered directly on the homepage or on the most frequently visited pages, where inquiries often occur. You can greet visitors personally and direct potential customers more quickly to products or services. If a personal dialogue with an employee is necessary, they can view valuable information directly and focus on solving problems or making a direct purchase.

Other benefits:

  • Real-time communication between user and service employee possible
  • 24/7 service possible
  • Relief for the service team through automation
  • Resources for critical cases are freed up
  • Implementation of rule-based chatbots possible
  • Improvement of the customer experience
  • Hybrid chatbots possible (combination of chatbot and a sales or customer service employee)
  • Understanding of user and potential customer needs is sharpened

Where is the best place to start with conversational marketing?

"All beginnings are difficult" - not so when setting up your Conversational Marketing! A chatbot is quick to implement and can get up and running with just a little information. So you can start small and simple to establish this increasingly important type of marketing. Bit by bit, you can expand the range of information on various topics and categories, as well as add workflows. The best way to do this is to integrate conversational marketing along the customer journey.

Would you like to learn more about this topic? Our marketing experts will be happy to assist you. Get in touch with us!

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