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How Customer Reviews Influence Buying Decisions

W4 | W4 / April 20, 2018

Good reviews and good sales numbers go hand in hand. When products receive positive reviews, revenue increases by an average of 30 percent. This makes customer reviews an important instrument to boost sales.

Online shoppers have leaned to put ecommerce vendors under the magnifying glass before they add items to their online shopping carts. The greater the number of vendors for a type of product, the more important are reliable terms of delivery, product quality, shipping charges and services as these factors will surface in customer reviews eventually.

The Value of Product Reviews

Rating systems can be door openers for new customers

According to, 63% of shoppers prefers online shops with some kind of customer review system. Online shops that do not feature rating systems have higher bounce rates. Customers look for trustworthy vendors and value transparency. They will turn to other shops if they cannot find the information they need to make an informed buying decision.

Reviews offer valuable information

Customers browsing product information find customer reviews immensely useful because they often contain information that they cannot find in product descriptions. Individual features and applications are described in depth, their functionality is evaluated from a user perspective. Looked at this way, customers support one another in finding the right product that fits their needs. This carries certain advantages for vendors as well: the reviews offer a layered, multifaceted evaluation of individual products. Vendors can use this information for future product developments.

Reviews influence buying decisions

Customers often rely on the assessments of other users. Reviews can even redirect customers' attention away from an article they originally targeted towards another one with better, more detailed reviews. Moreover, when a product is reviewed positively, two thirds of the new buyers adapt the positive stance of their peers.

More reviews, more sales

The number of reviews correlates with the number of sales. One review generates 10 percent more sales, 50 reviews boost sales by 30% and 150 reviews increase sales by 41%. That is why vendors should always remind their customers to leave a review.

Dealing with Customer Reviews Professionally

Whether it is holidays, computers or clothing, they are all reviewed by customers online and can influence potential customers' buying decisions. Vendors can influence this processes with how they react to reviews. Remember to always be a professional and consider the following three things:

1. Always be friendly and appreciative

2. React as fast as possible

3. Do not use generic phrases and react to the arguments customers voice

Google Likes Customer Reviews

Google seeks to give its users valuable content. Vendors that feature customer reviews benefit from this tremendously. They will rank better because customer reviews present an added value. Moreover, Google loves fresh content and since there will always be new customer reviews, vendors will climb the search engine's rankings even more!

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