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Magento 2.3 End of Life: Why you should update now

W4 | W4 / January 11, 2023

Magento (Adobe Commerce) is an e-commerce solution that allows businesses to create a highly scalable online shop. Amongst the many benefits of using Magento, merchants especially value the flexible product management, accompanied by built-in marketing tools. However, with the end of life (EOL) of Magento 2.3, businesses who have not yet upgraded to the newer versions may face serious complications with their online shop. In this article, we’ll explain the consequences of Magento 2.3’s EOL and have a look at the new features of the new version.

EOL: It’s not the End of the World

Magento 2.3 has reached its end of life as of June 30, 2021. This means that Adobe will no longer provide support or security updates for version 2.3 of its e-commerce platform. The end of life of a software product can be a difficult and stressful time for businesses, especially if the software is integral to their operations. However, it is important to remember that software updates and upgrades are necessary in order to maintain the security and functionality of the platform. Therefore, it is recommended for businesses using Magento 2.3 to upgrade to the the latest version of Magento, which is Magento 2.4.

What’s new in Magento 2.4?

Magento 2.4 includes a number of improvements and new features. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Support for PHP 8: The latest version supports the programming language PHP, which offers improved performance and security.
  • Enhanced security: Magento 2.4 presents a number of security enhancements, including support for two-factor authentication and improved password management.
  • Improved performance: The upgrade includes a number of performance updates, like support for Asynchronous APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which allows for a concurrent processing of multiple requests. This can result in faster page load times and a more efficient use of server resources. Magento 2.4 also offers optimised indexing. 
  • New features: The latest version includes a number of new features, e.g. support for GraphQL, which allows developers to build APIs that are more flexible and efficient than traditional REST APIs. Also, there is a new media gallery as well as enhanced customer segmentation.
  • Enhanced integration: Magento 2.4 includes improved integration with Adobe solutions, including Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Upgrading to Magento 2.4 may require some effort and resources, but it is worth it in the long run. Failing to upgrade from Magento 2.3 can leave your e-commerce store vulnerable to security threats and impact the compatibility with other software and plugins. Overall, upgrading to Magento 2.4 offers improved performance, security, and new features for your e-commerce shop. 

Our team of developers is happy to assist you in the upgrading process – so that your customers benefit from a smooth online shopping experience. 

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