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Youtube of China: Bilibili

W4 | W4 / September 29, 2022

Do you think you know all the Chinese platforms useful for your marketing? In our previous articles, we talked a lot about a few of them and why you need to consider them for your marketing. But you don’t know about the famous live and video platform of China. And we are not talking about TikTok.

What is Bilibili?

Live streaming and broadcasting is a huge trends in China. More and more companies are choosing the first tool of marketing live and video streaming, letting the user interact with real people from the brand.

Bilibili, also called B-site, is a live streaming platform, live broadcasting, and video streaming platform. Most of the videos on this platform are user-made, shareable, and can have overlaid commentary on the videos. 

The platform also has a “bullet comments” option. This is a funny and special feature of Bilibili in which users’ comments fly across the live streams or video at a specific moment, making the user feel like they are chatting with a friend. They have not only the option to “like” or select as “favorite” content, but they can also use the platform currency, the so-called B Coins and Shells, to tip and support their favorite brands. This is another level of engagement and interaction!

The most loved topics on Bilibili are animation, comics, and mobile games. Users can shop virtual items from live streams, paid ads, and other online stores. 

Which is Bilibili’s audience?

Generation Z is the undisputed leader of the audience present on Bilibili. They are the young generation that uses this platform on daily basis; they cover over 70% of the overall registered users. Only in 2020, the yearly number of monthly active users reached 202 million, of which almost 2 million are Content Creators. The number of monthly active users is over 70 million and they spend 75 minutes daily, more or less. Year by year the number of users has increased by 32%.

Why should international brands use Bilibili?

Paid ads feature on the discovery section and personal feed, the opening screen and the video page. Like YouTube, the user expects Bilibili good quality and quantity of your video content. It should be well-planned and not create and publish content without a plan or purpose. But what differs from YouTube, Bilibili users expect to interact with you or the content. They will happily support the brand as long as they are transparent and creative and take care of the relationship with the audience. This results in more authentic and engaging content. 

Now you might wonder why we are dedicating an article to this platform, but monitor rising platforms for the Chinese market, where if your brand doesn’t follow the trends, it will be out of the game. Users sharing their experience and commenting on the product while streaming is the feature more appreciated by brands. 

Remember: your audience can quickly become your long-standing marketing strategy, your brand ambassador.

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