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E-Mail Marketing: Give Your Recipients Some Variety

W4 | W4 / August 15, 2018

The email remains a popular marketing tool: According to a recent study, 69 percent of companies use this channel to reach customers. 41 percent even weekly. Do not bore your recipients with the same type of messages and mix it up every once in a while.

But before we go into more detail, an important note: Everyone sending marketing e-mails to EU citizens should, of course, make sure that the mailing is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that recipients must have actively signed up for your mails via the double-opt-in procedure and have been informed about the type of communication when registering. Here, for example, it would be useful to give users a choice of different types of e-mails for which they explicitly register. Now that we got this out of the way, let us look at the kinds of mails you could consider sending out.

8 types of marketing emails

Confirmation / thank you mails

Offer your customers service and show them your appreciation. These types of e-mails are, of course, event-related: send a thank-you e-mail if customers have registered for your newsletter or bought something in your online shop. Not only does your communication confirm that the customer's action has been successfully completed, you can also show appreciation for it.

Event invitation

Whether webinar, trade fair or another event carried out by you: Inform customers early and show why they should register and drop by. Keep the copy short and accurate, and use an eye-catching call-to-action to link to the registration process.

Digital magazine

You regularly post content on your website and your blog. Promote this content with a digital magazine that briefly reviews the content and links it via calls-to-action. The key to success is to make the recipients feel curious about the content. Therefore, an appealing visual design is just as important as a short but thrilling copy.

Content promotion

You have produced a new white paper or case study? Great, inform your recipients about it! Tell them why downloading the content is worth their time and link to it with a crisp call-to-action.

Product news

Are you launching a new product? Tell your customers about it - unless you are constantly sending e-mails about your product portfolio. It is important not to overdo it. Product news mails can quickly become too promotional and annoy recipients. Look for ways to package product news charmingly.

Personalized offers / Lead Nurturing

Personalization is an important success factor in e-mail marketing. Use contact data to make subscribers personalized offers. For example, if you use marketing automation software, you are able to track the interests and needs of your customers. As part of your Lead Nurturing, you can automatically send customers e-mail quotes about products that they have already shown interest in.

Career newsletter

The career site of a company often brings a lot of traffic. You should give interested parties the opportunity to easily stay informed about vacancies - particularly in sectors that suffer from a shortage of skilled labor.

Internal mails

Most people think of e-mail marketing as a solely customer-centric instrument. But your employees can also be an important target group. The bigger the company, the more important it is to get all employees on board and inform them of important news. In the end, this can also positively influence the brand image positively.

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