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YouTube is more than a platform for personal entertainment after work. YouTube has become a search engine for specific B2B content. Often times Google displays tagged videos above Wikipedia pages in the search results.

Services that are not directly connected to physical products can create an added value for clients and increase revenue with great profit margins. Many companies have already recognized this opportunity as a necessity, especially when the sale of products is stagnant. Has your industry caught up...

Let us begin with what is most important: product-related services are becoming the driving force for product sales – today and in the future.

In saturated markets, top performers are initiating purchase incentives with additional, product-related services. Even though machines, devices and...

Medium-sized companies specialized in the international sale of capital goods now face greater marketing challenges. Firstly, dealers in all countries need to be reached; secondly, end customers need to receive all relevant information in the appropriate form. These tasks are traditionally covered...

Christmas is always a perfect time to thank customers and business partners for their cooperation or to refresh stale contacts with a few cordial lines at the end of the year. 


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