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    Your online sales are going well and the traffic on your sales pages is steadily increasing? That's great! But there are other important numbers to look at as well, such as bounces, aborted shopping processes, negative customer reviews or product returns. If these numbers are on the rise, it is...

    Search marketers know: what is good and true today may be replaced by a new development by tomorrow. As of July 1st, Google Mobile Page Speed is among the ranking factors of the world's leading search engine. But what impact does this have on the ranking and visibility of websites?

    Marketing is psychology - this is not a new insight. Yet only few marketers consider the neural processing of content when creating marketing campaigns. But the insights provided by psychology should be at least considered in every campaign.

    According to Statista, Facebook recorded around 3.7 million users in Switzerland in the fourth quarter of 2017. This number is likely to increase even further. Thanks to its regular introduction of new technological developments, Facebook has managed to stay relevant. As a result, more and more...

    Have you ever canceled a purchase because the payment method did not work for you? No company wants to lose potential customers at the finish line. Due to the enormous market penetration of WeChat's payment service, this hardly happens in China: The smartphone has become a wallet.

    Anyone who thinks WeChat is simply the Chinese counterpart to Facebook has not quite grasped its power: Thanks to the countless miniprograms that run on the app, it permeates the daily lives of its users in an unparalleled way.

    Startups know that getting a project ready is tough. The goal is to keep the time to market short while using only a few resources. This Eric Ries-based „Lean Startup“ principle can also be applied to content marketing.

    What is the best place to hide a dead body? Page two of Google Search! Did you laugh? If not, your website might be in hiding right there on page two. Time to act!

    Trade fairs are still very important in the Middle Kingdom. Particularly in B2B marketing, they form an important entry point for customer communication - especially when it comes to generating WeChat contacts.

    Although they are somewhat known in Western societies, they are far from popular: QR codes. This is different in China. The popular WeChat app uses QR codes for various functions, making them indispensable for companies active in the Middle Kingdom.